Vulture Festival, an annual pop-culture showcase, descended upon the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel over the Nov. 17-18 weekend, providing programming options running the gamut of entertainment for two full days, beginning at 9 a.m. and lasting until 11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. There was no redundancy in the programming, either; each panel or presentation occurred once, and each session required its own attendee registration — as seating per event was limited. The dual function of most of the sessions was to promote content and provide fan service. Thus, the fangirls and fanboys who attended enjoyed the festival just as much as the jet-setters and industry folk who composed most of its audience.

The biggest names flashing on the event’s proverbial marquee included Jim Carrey, Chloë Grace Moretz, Tatum O’Neal, Zach Braff, Eric Bana and Constance Wu. Most of the stars were featured in one-on-one interviews, presentations about upcoming shows and cast & crew reunions. Obviously, the higher the star-meter rating of the panelists, the more security screening was required prior to admittance into the session. Extensive security procedures, including metal detectors and CIA-looking security ready to pat down and wand, greeted guests outside of sessions such as Jim Carrey’s panel, which featured the actor-artist being interviewed by Pulitzer Prize–winner Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine and Vulture senior art critic

The Carrey session began with a little documentary film, showcasing Carrey’s new life as a painter. The film basically addressed all of the facets of Carrey’s art life that Saltz would then discuss. There was his discovery of painting as a way to deal with a broken heart, and discussion of the overwhelming degree to which creating art has become a constant in his life. Carrey also went into his views of Christ imagery and shared revelations about how reflecting upon his own artwork has allowed him to more fully understand himself. Saltz’s questions also delved into Carrey’s technique, work habits and his criticism of the Trump administration.